The ADL raises money from communities through the “Walk Against Hate” in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Philly. The ADL recruits schools (including schools that use its tolerance education), workplaces, and hundreds of individual donors to gather pledges for the ADL, meeting higher money goals each year.

What’s wrong with ADL fundraising?

The ADL is technically a non-profit, but in 2016 it raised $2.5 million more than it spent, paid its director $545K, and reported $81 million in assets which included a $6.7 million increase in one year. The ADL’s funding sources include wealthy mega-donors, endowments, and other financial instruments. The ADL also gets paid for programming by schools and other agencies. Its brand-building “Walks Against Hate” don’t raise much of the ADL’s budget, but they pull money and time from local organizations that need funding much more urgently.

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