Hate Crimes

The ADL has been a main player in hate crimes laws and tracking certain kinds of bias crimes, so other anti-bias groups often work with them, like the National LGBTQ Task Force. The ADL also works closely with police departments and federal authorities, sharing information on groups it deems threatening.

What’s wrong with ADL hate crimes work?

Many anti-racist and LGBTQ movements criticize hate crimes laws because they elevate police as a source of safety, increase police powers of surveillance and violence, and are more often used to prosecute marginalized people than to protect them. The ADL is an avid supporter of police powers, and worse, it focuses on hate crimes and bias at the expense of opposing systemic racism and violence. The ADL also uses unscientific and non-transparent data collection: for example, documenting protests supporting Palestinian rights as “anti-Semitic incidents.” In raising the alarm about hate crimes, the ADL often equates anti-Semitic speech (real or mislabeled) with material violence more commonly inflicted on Black, Muslim, and other people of color.

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