LGBTQ Rights (and pinkwashing)

The ADL includes LGBTQ issues in its tolerance education, has weighed in on rights and hate crime legislation, and maintains relationships with some LGBTQ groups including the National LGBTQ Task Force. It also advances the idea of Israel as a “safe haven” for LGBTQ people in the Middle East, pinkwashing Israeli state violence that targets Palestinians and others in the region regardless LGBTQ identity.

What’s wrong with ADL LGBTQ rights work?

As LGBTQ communities attempt to work through hard questions of racism, Islamophobia, and homonationalism that complicate US gay rights, the ADL has regularly weighed in as an outside voice against LGBTQ Muslim, Jewish non-Zionist, and people of color. The ADL has succeeded in creating media and funding pressure on some LGBTQ organizations, moving them to act against LGBTQ communities working to stop violence, and to shut down conversations about race and power. The ADL is especially dogged about undermining LGBTQ opposition to pinkwashingsmearing LGBTQ activist groups as anti-Semitic, and attempting to manage LGBTQ community discussions from outside.

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